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2009年2月 8日 (日)

Mexico City

Hola!! I am now at a small but nice hotel in Mexico City.  We just arrived here last night.  I just wanted to inform you guys that I met my friend Yuko and we are fine, doing pretty well.  I don't feel my self away, feel like I have been here before. 

Anyway, this computer doesn't support Japanese and sorry about that.

Have a pleasant week,



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Hi May
I am relieved to know you two are fine in Mexico.
Take care.

投稿: Ryoko | 2009年2月10日 (火) 05時25分

How about Mexico City? Have a good trip!

投稿: Shuji | 2009年2月10日 (火) 17時00分

Hola, May san!

Mexico is def one of my wanna go places in the world!
i'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures!

btw, i'm moving to tokyo on March 14th.
hope to see you before that.
(sorry but my upcoming schedule seems too hectic to make a trip to korea...)

enjoy the rest of your stay!


投稿: shoko*** | 2009年2月10日 (火) 20時01分

Mom, I am now back in Mexico City. Now I know more about Cuba, I am ready to be your guide!

投稿: may | 2009年2月12日 (木) 21時39分

Shuji-san, Mexico City is a huge city like Tokyo. There are about 10 subway lines and has over 20 million residents in the metropolitan city. There are lots to see, food is great, and people are warm and hilarious. I am sure you would love this city as I do!

投稿: may | 2009年2月12日 (木) 21時41分

shoko-chan, you are leaving on March 14, sure we should need to see each other. What a brave girl! I am glad you take a next step.

投稿: may | 2009年2月12日 (木) 21時42分





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